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Butch D'Ambrosio

Producer / Scriptwriter
AUDIO Tonight Producer & Continuity 6/8

If Mr. D’Ambrosio existed and enjoyed talking about himself, he might tell you that he got his first rejection from MAD magazine when he was 12 years old. That he was the youngest intern and the last one under Bill Gaines, back in the day when the legendary publisher of Tales From The Crypt hand wrote the checks (back in the days when internships paid money). That he was a contributing member of the Usual Gang of Idiots for a long while. He might tell you that his involvement in audio theatre goes back almost as far, having been lucky enough to hook up with certain people… then MRTW… the NATF. Some of his other interesting things are too long ago to be relevant, a short film, a season writing for a Sesame Workshop animated children’s show, years of involvement with local theatre groups, a sketch group, doing sound effects, spending five seasons at a RenFaire, etc.. Some more recent things include being a board member of the aforementioned NATF, writing for 24 hour play festivals, and creating now abandoned Twitter accounts focusing his dislike of Justin Beiber and the Royal Wedding in Haiku. He has forgotten a whole bunch of other things, but thinks that awards or nominations for other people were involved. He likes to discuss the ensuing global financial Armageddon, ancient pre-history, quantum physics, the truth behind “conspiracy,” and music. He can be heard playing great music and complaining about something every Sunday night at 11pm eastern on http://live.streamwrhu.net. He is more interested in finishing novels than having people actually read them and, again, if he existed, he might be looking forward to ski season.